Fasting Day 4: Orange you glad it’s not green?

Right, so I survived a manic Monday on my powerful green smoothie. I finished at 8pm, had some warm lemonade tonic in the evening, and that was it. I slept soundly.

For Tuesday, I decided to focus on digestion and make something a little more interesting to drink.

Here is the approximate ingredients list:

  • 4 smallish/2 large carrots peeled (optional) and cut in chunks.
  • 4 whole oranges chopped in chunks (I cut the rinds off to get rid of the white pith.)
  • 1 T freshly minced ginger
  • 1 T freshly minced turmeric (which has turned my fingernails, chopping board, knife, and tea towel yellow, so there’s that.)
    Definitely add more of these once you taste it. The more, the better for you! Maybe start with less since it is challenging to take out if too spicy. Jusy sayin’.
  • 2 coconuts worth of coconut flesh/jelly/comida/masa, whatever you want to call it. I have never seen this in a store, so clearly, just cut this out if you. Coconut milk would be a poor substitute, but better than nothing. You haven’t lived till you’ve eaten the delicious goop that lives inside a green coconut! Pure energy! (If you don’t use this, you could add some coconut oil or avocado. You need a fat for the turmeric absorption and also to give you energy.)
  • About 1 cup coconut water (add ore or less to get the thickness you want)
  • 1 mango cut in chunks (maybe more if small, and if you are allergic to the skins, buy pre-sliced)
  • Freshly cracked pepper (to activate the turmeric)
  • A few pieces of papaya. Full disclosure: I positively DETEST papaya. I think it tastes like….well, gross. I have eaten it fresh in a variety of countries, and it makes me gag. However, it is really good for your gut. (For the meat eaters in the crowd, it makes an excellent steak marinade. Don’t put it on fish at all or chicken for very long, as they will dissolve.) So, I put on my big girl pants and figured if I only put a LITTLE, I won’t taste it and I will get at least some benefit.
  • 1 small banana (half large) for texture

It made nearly two of those 24 ounce containers seen above

This one was super delicious and MUCH easier to drink. The banana was a last minute addition because I wanted the creaminess, and bananas are super healthy!

I had my morning warm lemon at 6:30am and again, began drinking the smoothie at about 8am. I also drank my water bottle full of lemon drink during the day.

I do feel a little hungry, but nothing bad. No headache, light-headedness, dizziness, cramping, tummy rumbling, etc. Part of the reason many cultures and religions fast is because it is a mental test as well. I am NOT going to starve and the deprivation is a good challenge to prove that I can do it.

Today, I had my usual yoga class at 6:30pm, which I was determined to not be too unmotivated to miss! I felt fine, so I did that, and now I’ll prep for tomorrow.

I will admit I feel hungry. It’s 8pm and I finished my smoothies hours ago. I’m continuing to drink the lemon drink, which hydrates, cleanses and gives me sugar. I’m also going to drink a glass of fresh coconut water tonight to keep my electrolytes up.

For Day 5, I am going with one of my favorites: beets! I’ll be making a super purple smoothie, which is my favorite color. Warning: Beets turn your pee pinkish. I will not share pictures, don’t worry.

Stay tuned!

PS Is it bad that I’m fantasizing about wine on Saturday…?


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