Fasting Day 6: Almost there!

I don’t have much to report.

I drank a revamped purple smoothie with a higher berry-to-beet ratio and it was delicious. I continue to drink the detox lemonade and I continue to feel fine.

I only had one smoothie today, so when I got home I made another yummy avocado, celery, tomato and cucumber salad.

I’ll head to yoga soon and then I will be tested because I am going to a social event! I plan on fizzy water and lime, as I want to get through the week alcohol free and I want to make sure I have some starch in me when I do drink! I don’t want to cheat and eat whatever is on offer except some raw fruit or vegetables since that has been all I have had all week so far.

Tomorrow, I plan on adding yogurt for the benefits to the gut, so I made two more smoothies for Friday and Saturday morning using up some more of the beet mix, more berries (about 2 cups), yogurt (about 3/4 of a cup) and coconut water (about a cup).

Friday, I will have that salad for lunch and then I will be back to my normal vegetarian self with my vices: black coffee, wine and sweets gently reintroduced, but hopefully minimized.

I will finish updating this and let you know how I feel after the full week…or at whatever point between midday Friday and Saturday, I break!

The orange was the most delicious color of the rainbow this week!

Now it is off to my favorite yoga class!




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