Shopping Kindly

As consumers, we have power. I'm glad people are calling out Starbucks now, but how many of them will be drinking a PSL this fall? Every dollar you spend is pooled with everyone else's dollars. Collectively, consumers do have the power, but we must have the will too.

Happy Money

For me, investing in SRI is a way that I can feel better about what my little pot of money is doing, and I can feel more comfortable about my future.

Coping during COVID19- How can I help?

It is very easy to get weighed down by the gravity of what is going on and feel like there is something more one could or should be doing.

I often find when I am struggling emotionally, and feel like things outside of my control are taking over my life, I try to regain some control where I can.

A Rant About Jeff Bezos

I believe that consumers have a powerful voice. If the consumers spoke out against the practices of Amazon and took their money elsewhere, he would be forced to change, but instead, most people choose what is easiest, fastest and cheapest over what may be best.

Choose Kindness

"I wanted to remind us all that even the tiniest acts can have huge impacts. We are all, at the end of the day, just trying to be happy humans, and sometimes it only takes a little boost to get someone back on their own path to happiness. Plus, by giving them a boost, you may just boost yourself too!"

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