JFK’s Living Legacy, Peace Corps: Part of what makes America Great

JFK's Living Legacy, Peace Corps: Part of what makes America Great


The Luxury of Choice

So women, when you are given the gift of a right, take it, seize it, use it. Do not waste your right because if you do, who knows when the day will come that you no longer have the luxury of choice.

Best Lines in Love Actually

Even while crying, you may find yourself smiling, and even having renewed faith in humanity while quietly loathing Keira Knightley's impossibly clear skin and being wooed by Hugh Grant's impossible charm. Watching Love Actually¬†this year, I decided to record the best lines in the whole movie. Some are brilliant on their own. Others are mostly... Continue Reading →

Still just a girl in a man’s world

I will remain hopeful that as we grow as a population, as women continue to vocalize ills committed against them, as men learn to accept our voice, as the media continues to raise awareness, we will one day grow to truly treat one another with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex or gender. We all all be happy in a human's world.

City Cycling

As a driver, when a cyclist is on the road, instead of getting annoyed that they are in your way, slowing you down or in any other way making you unhappy, just slow down, pass them safely, give them a wave and silently thank them for their small contribution.

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