You can kill me and my children, but DON’T take away my gun!

Sadly, I think the greatest thing we have to fear is ourselves.


Homemade Yogurt and Granola

Store bought organic granola and yogurt are both pretty costly and create waste. Making your own means using milk you trust and and flavoring your granola how you want!

2 B A Happy Human: An outlet for my musings and rantings

The goal of most humans is simply to be happy and I feel like most people are far from that, and going down a path that will never lead to happiness. I am not trying to pretend that I am some sort of sage and have the answers, but I have done a lot of searching and thought maybe some people out there would care what I found. I have gone from being very unhappy to a place of general contentment, but I am not aspiring to write some self-indulgent blog about just so happens that I am the one writing, so it is bound to include me!

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