Unity. Yoga + Pilates practices at home

I have mentioned that I am a Yoga and Pilates instructor. I am off to India for two months for some more training and to travel. When I was leaving Guyana, my clients all asked me what they would do in my absence. I promised some videos to help them maintain their individual practice.

Due to an extreme shortage of time right now, I am not going to write anymore. Instead I will direct you to my You Tube videos. There is a short introduction that I urge you to spend three minutes watching, and I encourage you to do the three sessions in order, and really work on one until you feel comfortable.

More will come later,but if you do these three times a week with good form, you will see results! Doing it correctly is always the most important thing, so listen to my cues and use a mirror if you can.

Happy practicing!


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Note: Please confirm with your physician that you are physically able to start a practice. Pregnant women must not perform postures on their stomachs or those that engage the abs in a contracted position. Anyone who has chronic injuries, has had surgery or has other health concerns, please seek the advice of a physician. You can message me on my facebook page with questions as well.

Monica Brinn is a 500-hour certified Yoga instructor, has over 350 teaching hours, has been practicing yoga for five years and Pilates for over 10 years.

Don’t forget to breathe! 


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