Slow fashion featuring Sasha Castello Designs

In my post about ethical fashion, I talked about a lot of problems in the fashion industry. One solution is ‘slow fashion.’ There is a new weekly event taking place in the city in which I live, which is committed to spotlighting local fashion: Fashion Forward Friday in Guyana. This makes me happy, so I will be writing about each of the events that I attend. While more expensive than your mall or ‘High Street’ (or in Guyana’s case, Regent Street) shops, these are handmade and unique. Wearing this is wearing art, and clothes you have invested in, you will value more than those you got on the cheap!

The third event was the first one I attended, and it featured designer, Sasha Castello (pictured above on the right). On Friday, 14 August 2015, Sasha  presented her current line at Duke Lodge in Georgetown, Guyana for Fashion Forward Friday, an event by Carla Tyana.

(All photos by Paul Demondenza)

And it was so beautifully Guyanese! Within the line were two distinct looks, but both reflected the beauty of the Guyanese landscape. The designs draw clear inspiration from Guyana’s many rivers, and from the stunning flora and savannas that cover the vast landscape of this country. The natural silk and muslin fabrics lend themselves perfectly to the Earth Goddess feel of the designs.


Half of the line features florals, such as the gorgeous, chiffon dress pictured at the top and the skirt and top just above. The flowing fabric mirrors the rivers of Guyana and the trees blowing in the Caribbean breeze. These pieces are feminine and will make any girl feel like a lady!

The rest of the collection is more earthy. With warm browns, beiges and cremes, they feel naturally lovely.


Varying between short and sassy and long and graceful, the collection offered something for everyone. There were dresses appropriate for the office, while others begged to be worn at a garden brunch, and others could make the transition easily to a casual evening party.

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Sasha Castello was born and raised in West Coast Demerara just outside of Georgetown and graduated from West Demerara Secondary School in just 2012.

Her first real introduction to the fashion world was Guyana Fashion Week 2013, where she discovered that what she thought was just a hobby, was actually a passion for which she had a flair!  She gained exposure and experience that week, and from there, other opportunities followed. She wants Guyanese women to be able to wear beautiful, fashionable clothes that are uniquely Guyanese, but that could grace the streets of Paris. She is hoping to elevate Guyana’s fashion industry to that of the rest of the fashion world.

Sasha would be thrilled to make you the perfect outfit from this line, so you can call her for a personal fitting and a custom-made piece.

Prices for dresses range between GD$6,000 to $10,000; women’s tops are $4,000; and men’s shirts $4,000. (All prices in Guyana dollar, which is $200 to US$1).

You can contact her on +592 626 4900 or visit her facebook page.

This is a perfect example of affordable high fashion! Imagine, a unique dress, handmade with love to fit you out of gorgeous natural fibers and for less than US$50. This is a piece you will cherish far more than some piece of cloth from one of the stores in the mall (or a shop on Regent Street.)

That would make any fashionista happy!

Local slow fashion mavens, look out for her show 19 December, where Sasha will present her new line and seasonal wear at Pegasus International Hotel, Georgetown.


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