Life Hacks for Living on a Shoestring

For big, long-term goals, talk to a financial adviser, but all of us can save a little money every day, so that we can be more financially free. Hopefully these tips will help you save a little more each month.

Choose Kindness

"I wanted to remind us all that even the tiniest acts can have huge impacts. We are all, at the end of the day, just trying to be happy humans, and sometimes it only takes a little boost to get someone back on their own path to happiness. Plus, by giving them a boost, you may just boost yourself too!"

Still just a girl in a man’s world

I will remain hopeful that as we grow as a population, as women continue to vocalize ills committed against them, as men learn to accept our voice, as the media continues to raise awareness, we will one day grow to truly treat one another with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex or gender. We all all be happy in a human's world.

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