Yoga Myths (and excuses) #6: I am Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, etc., so I Can’t Practice Yoga

At the end of the day, you will put in and get out of yoga what you want. You can follow a more spiritual path or not. You can make yoga a part of your religious or spiritual practice or not. You can simply do the asanas and nothing more, or take yoga off the mat and integrate the elements of the practice into your daily life. The choice is yours and yours alone, which is the beauty of yoga! No one, least of all you, should judge you for how you practice yoga.

Developing a Meditation (Dyhana) Practice…trying to anyway

If you have ever thought about meditation, maybe this is a good moment for you to try too. Let's try to send lots of peace, love and calm to the world together! And let's also remember to be kind to ourselves. There is no 'failing' at meditation. Try it and then let it go; the point is not to dwell or judge or criticize.

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