Give the Gift that Gives Twice: Donate to a charity!

Rather than buying stuff, why don't you give a little love this holiday season?


Still just a girl in a man’s world

I will remain hopeful that as we grow as a population, as women continue to vocalize ills committed against them, as men learn to accept our voice, as the media continues to raise awareness, we will one day grow to truly treat one another with equal respect and dignity regardless of sex or gender. We all all be happy in a human's world.

Unity. Yoga + Pilates practices at home

Increase your flexibility, strength, focus and happiness with these three fusion yoga and Pilates practices. Monica Brinn is a 500-hour certified Yoga instructor, has over 350 teaching hours, has been practicing yoga for five years and Pilates for over 10 years.

Guyanese Brunch

Wherever I live in the world, I love to make my own twist on my favorite foods using locally available items. A friend of mine here has a show that does just that. Limin Vybz with Allan Ramsarran showcases local foods by not-always-local chefs.

Slow Fashion, Featuring Ryan Berkeley Designs

As part of my effort to promote ethical shopping, I will be featuring different local (Guyanese) designers and their lines. While more expensive than your High Street shops, these are handmade and unique. Wearing this is wearing art and clothes you have invested in, you will value more than those you got on the cheap!

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